Sunday, May 06, 2012

Owns Terranigma (American version)

This SNES game is similar to Chrono Trigger (RPG, 10/10)  and is a rare NTSC production like Secret of Mana 2 was.  It got a 10/10 at Nintendolife and This RPG is the final game in the Soul Blazer trilogy.  I remember there being some NTSC Star Ocean copies, but I own that SNES Star Ocean for Playstation Portable so it's less important.

This is what my copy of Terranigma looks like.

I am looking at buying a  8/10 Misadventures of Tron  Bonne, a rare Playstation RPG in the next month or so.

Tron Boone came from my other PS RPG, Megaman Legends II.

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