Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fantasy Football vs. Deathmatch vs. Capture the flag

I think my Uncle is casual about fantasy football. I just told them that people play Madden NFL. It's a clever marketing for their game (inside it you know), but my Uncle is doing it off Yahoo so he's non-hardcore. I watch the Vikings and Packers tomorrow on TV. Say if I had a girlfriend, it wouldn't be fantasy football excuses. I sure hope he knows Fantasy football has become what it’s supposed to be: building a team entirely out of best players, and “guiding” them to victory. There isn't anybody stupid enough to use their original weapon in deathmatch or capture the flag in Unreal Tournament 3? You instead go for the flak cannon or rocket launcher or sniper rifle and who cares about the other weapons. You get fragged more with the other weapons.

Watching the real NFL sport prevents stupidity. Sports games are not necessarily smart either, because I never actually enjoy beating Madden due to everything randomly generated. Gears of War III, or Resistance 3, or Bulletstorm or Unreal Tournament or Team Fortress or Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare are a better option for multiplayer, because you're never stupid when highest on the ladder. In real life, you even have bragging rights. I used to play well on Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2003 LAN parties in middle school, high school, and 2004 before LAN parties were defunct. All my print screened ladder scores were lost over the years.

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Anthony said...

That's what makes fantasy football both exciting and frustrating at the same time--the luck factor.