Sunday, October 24, 2010

Opera 10.6 is unpopular, yet better than firefox.

It doesn't lag like firefox, and it has ad block and flashblock. You can clear all your data with one click. Just have both so when firefox decides to repeatably crash. Opera to the rescue.

^ blocks flash via URL bar


Also I imagine that Bluray is good for Playstation and bad for movies. DVDs are better due to saving 40% on everything. If you have a 1080i camera (and they're under $200 now), just murder the bitrate to 1 Mbps and 80 kbps he-AAC and 2 hours fit on DVD. 1080i is a good resolution. I don't know what is clearer, 720p at 2 Mbits or 1080i at 1 Mbit. It'll look like Satellite transmissions.

1 Mbit meets transparency with 2010 AVC encoders.

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