Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's privatize roads!

President Obama's stimulus plan, the government will spend billions of your dollars building new roads and fixing old ones. They say they'll do it efficiently. ush hours from hell are not natural phenomena. They're manmade -- more precisely, politician-made. Private companies did a profitable project in California on Highway 91. Instead of building a brand-new road, a private developer added two lanes in the median strip of an existing highway. Many people are horrified by the idea of leasing roads to businesses.

More toll roads are a must to generate money for both companies and government. They both have their share of poll roads. It'll be like freight trains paying tolls.

The republican party needs to build more toll roads for us. Construction companies need to further develop tolls not in the government budget. It's common sense. Time is money.

China will pass us by if US won't expand toll roads.

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