Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The average gamer is 37 yrs old!

I must be in a good position here being 27 and the average gamer being 35-37. I've been on Gamespot and PS3forums since 2005. The ESA said that 45 percent of parents play games with their kids "at least weekly."

I had a N64 in 1997 and NES & Genesis roms & emulator since 1999. I was already in 11th grade when Xbox launched in November 2001. My cousins had a Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis in the mid-1990s and I went over there to play Sonic the Hedgehog 1 - 3D, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Contra, Spy Hunter. When I had a shrink I didn't like, I told him I'm on single player in 1997-1998, but he didn't give a damn! I'm unsure ESA data was available to the shrink in 1998, because the shrink knew what Nintendo was. It could have well been available. The shrink should have been a bitch. I must have brought this parental topic up at thrift stores dozen times.

Mine are way too old / techno-dumb to play any videogames with me. They only play Mario Kart. A brilliant way to show my life was worse My relationship with my parents were great, because there was nothing I could done about it. They just help me with editing essays and a place to stay.

I had to beat all the PS or PS2 RPGS by myself, maybe with the aid of a FAQ and Action Replay.

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