Thursday, March 24, 2011

achievements/trophies decreasing game scores theory

One of the stupidest things in gaming right now are achievements and trophies. You know why Dragon Age 2 is a steaming piles of crap? BioWare gets achievement info that shows over 50% of players played as the Soldier, making thesequel more shooter less RPG. Because BioWare sees that only 50% of players finished Dragon Age: Origins, making a drastically regressed sequel in the process.

Achievements and Trophies are dreadful. It's like being forced to give out your gaming habits to everyone. It's like being a lab rat for a marketing group. What sells? What can we tell people that they want in the future? One of my wishes isto take gaming back to what it's supposed to be about: fun.

In Half-Life 2 on the PC you could have hit one of the Combine soldiers and been beaten if you chose to do so at the beginning. That was you as a player revolting against an invasion. On the Xbox 360 version there's an achievement that tells you to do that. Sounds easy right? Might as well just go for the freaking achievement. Make it a lesser amount of about the understanding and more about the mundane act of earn points.

There was a time when beating a game on the hardest difficulty was done simply because you were good enough to do it. Now it's about finding others to help you do it so you can get the points. In that regard, kudos to Bungie for at least having the sack to make a second achievement of beating Halo Reach on Legendary by yourself.

Achievements and trophies are less about rewarding the player because they serve no purpose. It's sad that achievements and trophies are the way that they are. There's always the thrill of simply going through certain dispute, like dodging so loads of missiles or killing so many enemies and so on. Not every game is guilty of it. But there are games where I just look at the list and think to myself, "did I pay money to sign up for this crap?"

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