Friday, March 11, 2011

A Newt Gingrich / Mitt Romney tag team helps deflect Chinese Public sector

China sets out to buy up the world

About a fifth of global stock market value now sits in such state capitalist firms in China.

Theoretically if China has 1.3 billion people, and is going to surpass our GDP with 1.3 billion people, the United States should keep it's private sector much larger than the public sector. Our 310 million people cannot outpace 1.3 billion so how about move back to traditional Republican principles, a constitutional private healthcare insurance plan, and limited public sector. It is the sure way to prevent the states go bankrupt in 2013 like Democrat/Massachusetts Treasurer Tim Cahill once predicted so he wanted to kill it. We can always completely terminate free trade with China down the road, an idea that Donald Trump currently has.

And why are we in a Libyan war anyway. Obama is in another front already without Congress's confirmation (which is unconstitutional). IT looks like our troops with have to train the rebels in Libya so long as they don't stay. This isn't the time to get into other countries affairs. It looks bad when the leading economy in Europe, Germany, left NATO. Iraq and Afghanistan is enough, and we need to reserve forces for that Mexican drug war. They're be-heading Texans and are in border towns.

Senator Ron Paul, you are still brilliant about staying out of Libya!

If this doesn't work, I could get to know Perth or Brisbane, Australia. Australia is the 2nd best lifestyle economy after France. I don't know any body important in the US even though US is the greatest country. Australia is even starting to have Major League talent in Baseball (because cricket is obsolete)

I'm sure hope Republicans win in 2012!

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