Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nintendo never surrenders to Sony/Apple/Microsoft

even if N64 & GameCube are considered failures sales-wise, the fact is those both made $$$ for Nintendo from day 1 onwards. So even if they didn't win, they still made hundreds of millions whereas someone like Microsoft made record-breaking losses. It will never surrender its right to produce hardware, not until the very last desperate opportunity to continue has been explored. Its recent failure to furnish its hardware platforms with sufficiently awe-inspiring games has been a mistake.It may be that Nintendo is eventually forced out of the hardware business. Nintendo does not believe that to be the case. .pre-price reduction and it sold over 200,000 units in FOUR days in Japan. Nintendo makes profits aren't through conquering but more like staying in one place. If you don't acquire or invest in new projects, obviously you will make more profits. That's why Nintendo always tries to do new stuff, because they don't ever make a base and go from there, it's always a gamble

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