Saturday, August 21, 2010

Laser to get Sun's energy for heavy duty electricity?,2933,522857,00.html

Japan's doing it too! All this time, I thought the Gov was against nuclear energy like they are with nuclear power plants. I always thought we needed more nuclear power plants before today.

We should stick with building nuclear power plants or ITER power plants or HiPER power plants.

I know a energy source called Hydrosonic pump that outputs more energy than it takes to make it, and it is a lot less expensive to make!


florida solar panels said...

Solar panels will help you manage your bills. It's like you are having the electricity for free. It's eco-friendly too.

Iain's Smashing Good Blog Site said...

Screw Eco-friendly. It’s Karl Marx trying to do dictatorship of the proletariat on the nuclear power plants – that’s just stupid. It's the eco-socialist manifesto! Power plants are businesses you know.

The Kyoto Accord doesn’t work! Canada says it failed! USA hasn’t been touched yet.