Monday, June 01, 2009


Ronald Reagon in France, the same year I was born, the year George Orwell's book predicted President Obama. Ronald Reagon is my favorite president! President Bush is second favorite. Right now, I am looking at places in the capitalist Western world of Reagon administration mirroring Australia to live like Gold Coast (Surfer's Paradise) or Melbrone when I graduate from college in 2010-11, because it's more capitalist.  I got nothing to loose moving family to leave behind practically. I was researching, and America looks no worse off than Australia meaning if I had move there I would be taxed no less than in the United States...maybe less! By teh same token...I am gambling that Australia's libertarian economy will have better odds than the USA.  I could keep my values. I could say I love AC/DC and the tropics and they'd let me become a citizen! 

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