Saturday, June 06, 2009

TI Nspire CAS came

I bought myself an Nspire CAS so I could get an A on my Algebra. The book uses a TI-84 and that has the same buttons as a TI-83+. A TI-83+ is for high school students. The TI-89 Titanium and Nspire CAS are for College. Right now, European colleges and some American colleges are using the Computer Algebra system of the Nspire CAS. The TI-83+ has a lot of software for it that can upgrade it to a TI-84+ at TIcalc. I've tried out all three and I like the Nspire the best.

I got an 95% on week 8 in this class. Online is the way to go, because I would've gotten a C if I took it at school. I'm like most people. On the TI forums, people said how they're talking college courses with the TI-83 and that's because they either are better at algebra anyway or they don't care. I cared enough to upgrade it my grade reflects it.

TI-83 vs. TI89
TI83 vs. TI84 vs. TI89