Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Megaupload is great for recessions!

Hurray! No spending multi-100$ for stupid games! I do! Actually, I wanted to try these games, but the Toyriffics don't have these and give and don't like me. These guys pirate at home so they probably already knew about megaupload. Well, these lesser known games are great. I got the beloved Radiant Silvergun and played that making pass the 2nd level (well known theme song in the 2nd level). The game store people told me that Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean was another big collectors item, because it's better then Shining Wisdom (direct sequel to Shining Force II), but much less rare than Panzer Dragoon Saga (played that too).

Oh and I bought Bangai-O (second Ebay purchase ever) with Uncle's help. I heard this game is amongst the most desired shooters on the Sega console which explains why Bangai-O Spirits for the Dual Screen came out. Only $50!

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