Thursday, June 19, 2008

A little older, but I'm game

I have 100+ PC games and their specs don't come close to G80s except for Crysis, but it's been 2 yrs now (7 months for the G80 SLI in the Tigershark) and I have got to get me another PC game like Mass Effect (DX9.0c) and I will by next month or the month after that, because I want to.

This discussion; however, is about the Geforce GTX 280 (Geforce 10 to those ppl who lived under a rock) and I am buying one today, yet it's not nighttime yet. It costs like nine $60 PS3 titles + one $20 PS3 title.

Why? Oh because I feel technology is changing. There is like millions and millions of gamers in this country alone? No one will probably care....UNLESS, I get SLI config by Christmas. If you want someone to comment on my blog then I should get a Tri-SLI config of these GTX 280s, but since my power supply won't generate that much power.

SLI for me thou.

This will extend the life of my Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Systemax Tigershark.

Comments please. I benchmark! Don't want the competition pass me buy with their $10 hourly wage and I can definitely emulate PCSX2 and play Crysis Warhead with SLI.

tech specs

core clock 602 MHz
shader clock 1296 MHz
texture fill rate 48.2 billion
processor cores: 280
memory data rate: 2214 MHz
memory interface: 512-bit
memory bandwidth 147 GBytes /second
HDMI 1.3

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