Monday, May 26, 2008

HDMI emulation

This is a brand new age! I am so happy I didn't spend loads of money of NES/SNES/Genesis/Sega CD/Neo Geo/Turbografx 16 games. My already paid for Geforce 9900 GTX coming in the mail in July/August has a HDMI port.

That means any emulator including EPSXE can be played on my Sony 40" HDMI or 25" DVI TV...even Radiant Sivergun which I found on MegaUpload last week. I don't know why I would become more popular with the original games, because I knows after I bought would be exactly the same as before...I wouldn't have any new friends.

Buying old games doesn't get new friends if it's me. IT might work on other people for some reason.

This is a very clever way of reducing withdrawals from my bank account for obsolete software (still treat it with respect).

In other news, I got banned from Gamespot. I tried creating BirdofPrey2017 & BirdofPrey2018 to get my game collection back up, but it's been continuously banded. O-well.

As you may now I updated my game list.

Oh yeah,

school grades 92.2% and 95.5% average 94%. Not perfect just like I said before. Life hasn't changed just like I said before. I'm absolutely right.