Thursday, October 26, 2006

PS3 Yellow Dog Linux Details

The most exciting time for being a gamer is the upcoming year or so. It’s difficult to assess this generation simply because I can have both of PS3 and Xbox 360. That’s like not an issue. Too me, the same PS2 publishers are developing for PS3. The Xbox 360 developers that released games are already above average in terms of console with 5 titles scoring over 9.0 (Elder Scrolls IV, Project Gotham 3, GRAW, Splinter Cell Double Agent, Dead or Alive 4).with more scoring above 8.0 (Kameo, Burnout Revenge, Winning Eleven 2007, Condemned Criminal Origin, Perfect Dark Zero, Moto GP 2006, Need for Speed Most Wanted) Games are getting increasing complex to comprehend, but that hasn’t stopped me! Resistance Fall of Man and Metal Gear Solid 4 look complex to play. If Final Fantasy XIII plays anything like Final Fantasy X…I may beat it. Final Fantasy was medium hard for me and I don’t play games every day.

It’s not about Wii being too simple, it’s the graphics looking cheesy with so many E rated software. Mario Galaxy? Give me a break! Metroid Prime 3? Not exactly looking fun anymore. Back to PS3, it has graphics equivanant of a Geforce 7600 . And that Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 included should bring back memories of Commodore 64 which had a UHF adapter for TV hookup.

Yellow Dog Linux 5 features
• Linux kernel version 2.6.14
• Basic 64-bit development and runtime support.
• 6.8.2, featuring improved Radeon dual-head support.
• KDE 3.5.3 and GNOME 2.14.
• Firefox and Thunderbird 1.504.
• OpenOffice 2.02
• A completely rebuilt KDE and Gnome "start" menu for vastly improved
navigation of the graphical user interface.

Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
GNOME 2.14 looks so pretty! Download it!

Downloaded OpenSuse Linux 10.2 Alpha 5 x86-64 DVD ISO for the fancy taskbar menu that slides. I only installed default KDE selection which didn’t include a image viewer or Ksnapshot (but The Gimp had PRINT SCREEN like command). Installed Gstreamer to play advanced audio coding files. Extracted Firefox 2 tarball, but Suse wouldn’t let me execute it forcing me to use Firefox instead. Yast is disabled.

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