Friday, October 13, 2006

Remember Jaguar by downloading 1 MB!

Not lying. Remember the ill-fated Atari Jaguar and Tempest 2000 by downloading this 7-zip file you probably know of already, but i'm tell you it anyways! Other ROMS need a Jaguar BIOS

Download Here

Other emulation news that made news so SSF 0.07 Beta R10 released this month has Save States and minor kernal fixes. Simply use the menu to save your game anywhere. More stable then before. All my saturn (19 games you can check in game pics) work in this build.

SSF Download

I went to circuit city, and i'm working in a warehouse and I needed steel-toed shoes so i got that. I also got heavy duty kakies. This person seemed nice, not dumb. Probably above average iq. Lets say i know mine and where a genius starts (130 pt) and I see a lot of expensive Samsung blu-ray ($999.99) and 1080p HDTVs ($1500) in it. Since there was steel toe requirement in the warehouse, i couldn't do work Wednesday. My job coach, John, is nice and he'll help me keep my personality in check, remember stuff, and i didn't take up a job coach in Assurant and lost my job the 2nd day!

Oh and one more thing, Final Fantasy 12 comes out on my Birthday. I'm asking for a Geforce 7950 GX2 or Geforce 7950 GTX PCIe GPU which may be in my computer by Nov 1st. Better frame rate.

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