Monday, September 04, 2006

SNES emulation | converted to AuToV Vorbis beta 4b

I found a way to emulate SNES and Genesis without the CD on PS2!

You need

- Action Replay Max
- any FAT32 formated USB Thumb drive
- new files at [url][/url]
- a common ROM you play in Windows emulators

Oh yea, I used converted my MP3 collection to AuToV Vorbis beta 4b which is suppose to sound better then regular vorbis and won a 64 kbps autio test. This is after I spent the day converting to normal vorbis (12/05). It sounds good, but the VBR makes the files larger then AAC (*.mp4) without VBR. Backed the collection up on 3 DVD5s. My OS is getting sluggish. I should format soon.

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