Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Million dollar blog!

I drove over to Stillwater, meet with my job employer than to Circuit City in Woodbury where I got interviewed. I had a list of most of what i can do on a computer. The manager was only 20 and he had the online job summit print off.

It looked like a normal Circuit City with a lot of HDTVs, computer hardware, videogames of 5 different platforms, and a lot of lights.

If that doesn't work then I may be able to get into Target, Best Buy, Game Stop and a Cineima so i can work so i can get paid.

This will steal time a way from my Playstation 2 because I am finishing Xenosaga Episode 3. This game is the last game in the franchise if you don't count Xenogears time line wise. May be on the floor talking to people explaining the best thing.

If I worked at Circuit City I could buy PS3 the first day. Am only $50 sort of $500.

I found out my Modblog page is worth $2,258.16

My blog is worth $1,129,258.16.
How much is your blog worth?

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