Saturday, May 27, 2006

M2i Heliodisplay is a floating touch screen

IO2 Technology has unveiled a different take on displays for your PC or other video source. The M2i is a Heliodisplay multimedia projector. In plain language, that means that the display floats in the air. It’s interactive, too, so virtual cursor controls allow the display to act as a virtual touch screen. The display is projected at 4:3 or 16:9, and can be as big as 30” at 4:3. The M2i is designed so that it can be hidden out of view, so only the images can be viewed. The projection source brightness is 1600 lumens, and can be boosted to 2200 lumens with a high resolution package.

The M2i is targeted for use at trade shows or in night clubs or museums. They are both eye catching and versatile since they don’t need a background to be projected against. IO2 makes it clear that it is not a holographic display, though. The projector weighs 34.5 lbs, so it isn’t particularly portable.

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