Friday, May 19, 2006

Installed Suse 10.1 | Firefox /w Vista?

Rumor has it Microsoft will include Mozilla Firefox (the program you're using anyways) /w their next Windows Vista to avoid the IE 7 monopoly issue and avoid splitting the company due to it's monopoly with web browsers. Next thing you know is they're going to add open source video (Xvid, X264) audio (ogg, aac) codec to Windows Media Player 12!

I downloaded 32-bit and 64-bit OpenSuse 10.1 CDs (completely legally) last Wednesday. The 32-bit ones installed a-ok. The hellcat won't mount CD2 so I am downloading the DVD today. It booted up in 35 seconds on my Athlon XP PC compared to 1 minute on Suse 10.0 on the same PC. OpenOffice 2.02 uses less memory (same multitasking) then Suse 10. Now better suited for multitasking as good as Windows XP.

Fast Linux Server 154 kb/s

I went to Game Stop, Woodbury, Minnesota and added New Super Mario Bros. and Suikoden V to my game collection. Someone there really liked New Super Mario Bros and gave me two thumbs up literally when i asked. Course, thought of asking when PS3 preordering starts. The store clerk couldn't tell me. Yes, I drove all the way into Woodbury with urban traffic (last time I gone into a urban area was 1 month ago) listening to 93X (93.7 FM) there and back. Got 6 hrs gaming in the last 5 days....playing very casual. Ma ybe I am sick....i should play more.

Did I mention I am going on a electronica strike? I am for the sake of keeping friends. Wouldn't want to scare anyone with Sasha - Xpander or Chicane or The Thrillseekers. Maybe the future is southern rock? I am going sobber. I could've had it right the first time by listening to country. I hate rap and hip-hop.

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