Thursday, August 25, 2005

Windows Vista: NTFS not here.....WinFS still beta

Windows Vista is the next generation Windows formally called Windows Longhorn. The first beta (not alpha) screenshots of Windows Vista are online and it looks like Windows XP with transparent title bars. The official windows font is still Sans Serif and I almost thought it was Arial. In fact it still can if you choose to change the title and menu bar font to Arial. Internet Explorer 7 will be a tabbed browser and as always stays the same for another couple years. Service Packs are making a return. I went into MSconfig and unchecked those annoying Windows Update in the taskbar. I think IE7 is generic because it shows the web pages just as well as IE6 or Mozilla Firefox. I’m sure it is patched and the stability is increased. It runs the WinFS file system further decreasing cluster size on the HDD. Worldwide launch is 2007. Vista probably won’t come with any new programs that WinXP doesn’t already have and some of the simple programs like Calc and Notepad will be ported as they are without changes. The default Windows theme is codenamed Aero Glass much like Linux themes are named. Windows Vista will have animated thumbnail animations like animated GIFs for video files and animated GIFs. Windows XP had animation for AGIFs and the first frame for video.

New Technologies

* Fundamentals: new developments to the basic structure of the operating system including the .NET framework, a new audio framework, further support for digital rights management (DRM), an application deployment engine ("ClickOnce"), improvements to the installation of applications (Windows Installer/MSI 4.0), and the controversial Trustworthy Computing initiative previously known as Palladium (see also trusted computing).

* Windows Presentation Foundation or WPF, formerly code named Avalon: a new user interface subsystem and API based on XML, .NET, and vector graphics, which will make use of 3D computer graphics hardware and Direct3D technologies. See Windows Graphics Foundation.

* Windows Communication Foundation or WCF, formerly code named Indigo: a service-oriented messaging system to allow programs to interoperate locally or remotely similar to web services.

* WinFX (not to be confused with "WinFS"): a new API to allow access to these new features.

Task bar is transparent for effect

The search window has changed

My computer has bars instead of pies in properties

System Requirements

* 512 MB of RAM
* GPU with DirectX 9.0 support (64 MB DDR GPU)
* recommends Pentium III, Pentium 4, Celeron, AMD Athlon XP, AMD Duron, all AMD Athlon 64 catagories

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