Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Broadband? What for?

Sorry about the lack of updates. Tuesday was the first day doing CCNA Cisco over again. Cisco is going to be hell the rest of the year. I am going to fail all my tests. Everyone there doesn’t know me or seen me, but some of them like video games (first person shooters and MMORPGs) though I am suppose to learn Cisco terminology instead.

I read pass 3rd chapter without getting frustrated easily. I didn’t expect any of the old people in the last class to be here this year. Some of them are smarter at it. I know all of them won’t admit they’re better. LOL! I suck apparently at this networking, but continue because I suck worse at CAD (computer animation). Usually I don’t have bandwidth to spare so I downloaded Nero Burning ROM 6.6.16 at school onto a thumb drive. WITC has a T3 backbone line, but it’s shared by 50 computers and not one. Downloads software a lot faster with no bandwidth cap.

Programs installed on HDD

Abiword 2.2.9; Nero Burning Rom 6.6.16; 7Zip 0.46; Open 1.9.118, Imesh 5.0, Opera Browser 8.02; Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6; Maxthon 1.3.3; WinRar 3.5; Photo-Brush 3.5; IM2 2.0; Paint Shop Pro 9.1; Video LAN 0.82; Skype; Shareaza 1.4, Quintessential Media Player 110 beta; The Gimp 2.8, Kazaa Lite Revolution, Visual Basic 2K3, MS-Office 2K3

I went over to my uncle’s house to see the KA-BAND modem I’ll have Friday. The modem is connected via RJ-45 to his garage where it’s hooked up to the KA-BAND satellite. From the modem to his PC is a bus topology. My hope is once the modem is hooked up to the router everything will magically work. I’m doing the LAN for my parents who are relying on me.

When broadband is available what will I use it for?

1. First thing I will do is download Genesis ROMs for my PS2 Ranges from 2 MB – 5 MB which can take several hours over dialup
2. Download a Linux ISO
3. add all my videogames to GameSpot game collection
4. Get more music than usual.
5. stream in internet radio
6. Test and see if Diablo 2 battlenet is any faster /w it. This is satellite internet we’re talking about.
7. Seeing if Guild Wars plays online any faster over it
8. Download a lot of abandonware games.

Life isn’t fun no more. Randy nor Bob talk to me anymore and must look out for new friends. It must be because I am turning more into something they aren’t such as computer nerd doing CNAA. We’ve been best friends since middle school, but now they’ve shot me in the foot or alienating me by keeping the silence between us. Alrighty then!

My job coach going well for the most part. She likes American Country and 1960s rock such as the Rolling Stones, but not the heavy metal like Black Sabbath. She dislikes electronica a lot. The cause in effect was getting a job in the computer field. I need a CCNA certificate to get a job. She wants to bypass CCNA authorization so I can get a computer job not normally applicable because it’s what the American Dream is. Having someone unusually dedicated to getting a job in the field is awesome. I had a job at the gas station and I simply didn’t have the determination to work half time any more so I dropped out. I was told I wasn’t good enough to be a clerk making me mad. It’s a small village gas station.

Five days ago I quit Catharton Electronica, but rejoined 48 hrs later without getting back on top. No body in Europe likes pickups. They all think those things are ugly. I tried to have a pickup rating post and some one was flaming at me. I expected to get some conflicts when joining. So I flame back at him. I wasn’t banned.


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