Sunday, April 17, 2005

Me quitting Catharton Electronica forever? Could well be the case!

This time, I’ll make it short…none of this three pages long crap. I knew Doom 3 for Xbox was 3rd best First Person Shooter (FPS) after quality Halo 1 and 2, and I started it like I was confused, but that’s false. I’ve this game for PC and it fucking has better graphics than the Xbox. I wanted Knights of the Old Republic because I’m not stupid and that’s what I had bought. Graphics are always better on PC unless it’s an old game.

I’m thinking of quitting Catharton Electronica. The whole place is full of Nintendo fans, and you can’t tell them that the game sucks or they’ll go crazy on yeah. I had a War online…it only lasted 6 hours, and I was outnumbered by Nintendo fans. You must understand in the UK Nintendo is doing very badly except for maybe Gameboy sales, so they like to favor Nintendo any way possible. I had created a Playstation Club where Playstation owners can go and be a part of a club. You feel like a compelling force when there is a club. I don’t know….I’ve been there a long time…and posted a lot of gaming knowledge, time spending on my PC wouldn’t be the same!

Then I back to Toyriffic to buy more games like Vectorman 2 and Streets of Rage 2. The case looked very good so that’s why I bought it. My second choice would have been Ecco the Dolphin, but the manual was torn up, therefore, no good to me. Ecco the Dolphin is a dolphin simulator; a spin-off genre of the adventure games. Streets of Rage II got a 9.5 at, best in the series so I picked that up for $40. Then I’ve bought Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords for personal computer (IBM-PC) at Target today. It doesn’t look like I’ll play it anytime soon with school going on. Why did I buy it? It’s the sequel to my favorite Star Wars game! I don’t buy every game I want…really! I met someone here who seems to know games well. It seems that the Xbox version got better score by about 3 – 7 points, but I don’t need that game for Xbox. The graphics are better on my PC. It looked good six months ago. I’ve played it yet.

Anyhow, my Genesis RF adapter is almost junk…works enough to play Genesis games. It worked by loosing extra RF Adapters before it in the chain of RF adapters, and the picture quality of Gunstar Heroes got slightly better, and watched the demos. This time there wasn’t white pixel interference on the LCD TV. I knew my NES came with a bad RF Adapter so I’ll connect that last. Anyways, I enjoyed playing the game. It seems like there is 4 levels in it….is that it? That’s $10 per level….expensive for an old game.

In this PNG, you can see my computer specs are indeed 2048 MB. It’s blazing fast, and I don’t think about it…because everything with 1024 MB was still very fast, it’s just a tiny bit faster, unless you’re loading games, they load a couple seconds faster.

Yeah, I remember back in the day I had 64 MB of SDRAM.....those were the days :)

PS. I’m getting either Doom 3 or Project Snowblind for Xbox at midnight or tomorrow. Project Snowblind is published by Eidos Interactive and developed by Crystal Dynamics. I’ll take a picture tomorrow of my new games because I can’t find my digital camera right now, and it be easier just to take one picture now.

I am so tired….it’s almost midnight. Tomorrow, I’ll revise this post. Maybe I’ll post my dad and my research project online which is about financial advisors’ client planning. Haven’t decided yet if I want too.

Yawn....must stay wake bit longer.....Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

[One day later] Today, I’ve gone to Toyriffic and picked a Doom 3 for Xbox. Then when I found out I couldn’t afford it, I’ve brought it back to Toyriffic, but found out the store only gave in store credit towards new games so they can sell it for $50 again and rip me off on a used game I buy from them. Last time I’ll buy new from them ever again. The little brat said he’d buy it from me used when it’s not opened so I took the game back avoiding screwed about of $20! What I could do is bring back KotOR II and get cash back. I don’t care if I own KotOR II anyhow. I’ll drive to Target in Hudson once I find the receipt I’ll reimburse myself. Final word, I decided not to quit posting at…it’s a long story. Been there and I have more posts than anyone. I would regret deleting it for that reason

Add new games to my list for v1.31:

• Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II – Sith Lords (©2004 Obsidian Entertainment)
• Doom 3 (©2005 iD Software)
• Streets of Rage 2 & Vectorman 2 already added

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