Friday, April 08, 2005

Atelier Iris moved back a month | Dicussions at Catharton Electronica in two days

Yesterday, I drove to Toyriffic to pick up Atelier Iris – Eternal Mana. Atelier means “Painters” and Iris means “Colorful.” We’ve named our black cat Iris. In reality, the game is translated to “Painter’s Colors: Infinite Magic”, the sixth installment in the long running series. I’ve found another review of the import at because the import review was translated to English, and the North American version is similar because the text is converted to English. Unfortunately, Atelier Iris Eternal Mana 2 is coming out in Japan next month meaning the prequel was delayed a full year and Atlus (the publisher) won’t publish the sequel in North America. It’s coming out on May 25th so personal preference you know…. The enemies’ intelligent tactics, HP (hit points), and MP (mana points) equal my party’s HP and MP thus increasing the difficult a lot and can be frightening this way.

Stella Deus – Gates of Eternity is coming out April 26th both developed and published by Atlus. This particular game looks like the other isometric role playing games, except all the new ones are strategy RPG…..weird eh? It looks good enough to play; I could always use another isometric game in my collection.

In River Falls, Great Clips just opened shop and I walked inside to get myself a new stylish haircut. I remember shaking my head no a lot than shake my head yes. An old woman came in and started talking about stuff and looked at me in a odd manner, and the quintessence was my ego was higher than normal, and I held back my thoughts….for I didn’t think of anything to prove my point in time….saw new faces…heheh. It might be a delusional thinking side effect of taking 10 MG of Ritalin in the morning and 1 MG of Risperdal at night. I’ve a chemically unbalanced brain. Medication always has side effects.

Afterwards, I walked down the slope to ShopKo to look at ESPN MLB 2K5 selling for only $20, but after some difficult decisions, and never bought it that day. I decided to drive to the videogame store where I found the former black man who I gave a photo CD a month or two ago with videogame photos on it, and one time I’d decided not to except his invitation to meet at his house so I lied saying my name was Dan because he was curious why I gave him the photo CD months ago. He didn’t understand the photo CD had no value to me whatsoever. I didn’t want to know him, because I made a choice not to know him before, and I rather not get involved again so I walked out. I get the funny feeling he knew I lied to him.

I have 40 hrs 48 minutes of trance music on my external HDD and 6 ½ days worth of MP3s total. I’ve been collecting since 2000. This may not be as huge as some peoples, but having dialup this must mean its above average, right?

Today was beautiful out yet I didn’t go anywhere. I’ve been working on the writing assignment, thought up the survey questions in my mind & posted a memo on the discussion board at Next, I called Toyriffic in Hudson to ask if the store had Super Castlevania IV in stock, but it was so good someone else bought it so I’ll erase Castlevania IV from my list now. The other game also sold out was Tactics Ogre - Knights of Lodis for Gameboy Advance which balanced a high score of 8.8 out of 10 on Last time I was there the store had 2 new copies of this game. It’s supposed to be a great real time strategy game and looks so much like Final Fantasy Tactics. Afterwards, I’d looked up scores realizing that Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory is out on Xbox and averaged 9.5 out of 10 so tomorrow I’ll buy my copy. My purchase of Stella Deus for PS2 won’t be for another 2 weeks; therefore, it won’t hurt to spend my cash on another excellent game.

On Catharton Electronica, I have had a discussion about if Dreamcast was truly dead. First, I went on saying Dreamcast was dead, because you know it’s dead in North America. It's like people saying Atari Jaguar is not dead because Songbird Productions keeps releasing games for Jaguar / Jaguar CD. Publishers aren't releasing software for the masses. I don't see Dreamcast games in Wal-Mart(s) anymore, because it's obviously dead. It was a head of it's time and it also died long before it's time, but we can't do anything about it no more except play the Dreamcast games we already own. Other gamers on the thread I’ve known for months were saying that Dreamcast is alive in Japan where a new game comes out for it each month. Sega has an arcade circuit board called the Naomi which is slightly more powerful than Dreamcast so programmers could easily port game code from Naomi machines to Dreamcast in a matter of weeks. The popular 1998 fighting game, Soul Caliber, was a Naomi game, and the Dreamcast version sported improvements like more realistic character skin, and improved background textures without increasing number of polygons. I went on saying since Dreamcast is a 128-bit platform and is including with the 128-bit generation. However, I could buy used games from Toyriffic and Dreamcast wouldn’t be dead. In Japan, Sega Saturn hadn’t died until 1998 when it was made obsolete by Dreamcast. Sega was the 3rd to launch a 32-bit console in the United States after the Sega 32x in 1993 and Atari Jaguar in 1995; Sega rushed development of Project Blackjack to be 1st launched 128-bit console in the USA. If Sega had waited longer the Dreamcast could had been more profitable if only Sega hadn’t lost so much money on Saturn. Dreamcast could have been more powerful than Playstation 2 which would help Dreamcast sales. People who only want to best graphics available would buy it, and more games would be developed at the same time meaning more launch titles in 2000.

For example, I’ve had purchased Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for Dreamcast for $50 two months ago (because it's very rare to get not online), and the disc looked slightly used yet it played like new. I could say I've bought it when it came out! An unopened Dreamcast jewel case would double or triple the price of a used game, but I don't care about those. It's unwise to pay for an unopened game for a dead platform.

Secondly, I learned a bit more about the * harder* Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 for NES. Although the game was only released in Japan, I found out I had a copy in form of Super Mario Bros. – The Lost Levels. had a segment about the *real* Super Mario Bros 2 and showed screenshots. We had the discussion here. I was never able to find a ROM of this rare NES game.

Thirdly, I’ve had a funny comment on why Playstation Portable had a coin-sized battery in it because it’s true it used it when the lithium-ion battery below a certain percentage. For example, I have a TimeX digital watch I've bought in Jamaica and only needed to change the battery once, because I used the backlight a few hundred times. Clock batteries last as long as 5 years. My logic lies in how long BIOS coin-sized batteries last.

Afterwards, a popular topic was how Playstation Portable 2 functions like. I’ve contributed my part saying its probably backward compatible with PSP. The UMD discs would be dual layered and hold twice as much data as its predecessor. The PSP2 would have better battery life too.

New Games: Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory, ESPN Major League Baseball 2K5, Lumines, Wipeout XL, and Wipeout 3. Will be added to list shortly…

[One day later] Randy wasn’t available to visit me today. I’ve woke up early today, and looked on Internet game reviews. I planned on buying ESPN Major League Baseball 2K5 by 2K games and Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory for Xbox. I believe I told why in the previous paragraphs. Heck, I saw Wipeout 3 for 7 bucks and it had some exceptional dance music according to the reviews. The soundtracks included music from DJs: Sasha, Chemical Brothers, Cold Storage, and Underground. I was excited to get so I could play it and rip mp3s. When I got home, I remembered to read the Gameranking’s review structure of Wipeout XL receiving 4 100%s (wow) and 94% from IGN because the dance music was brilliant according to them and I like trance anyways so it was well worth the $8. I will encode them into MP3 by CDex at 128 kbps 44 Hz because I don’t believe the original music was higher than that bit-rate in the first place! In fact, I’ll do that after I get done writing this entry for sure just because. Before I went I was getting into Wipeout 3 and I’ve already heard the songs “Underground – Tin There” and “Sasha – Xpander” which were cool enough. I do listen to them everyday on my PC. All and all, I am really happy with the current decisions I’ve made.

P.S. : My parents don’t know I like trance as much as I do.

Here’s the trance music list.

Wipeout XL

Intro FMV music

1. Cold Storage - Xylem
2. Cold Storage - Phloem
3. Cold Storage - Argen
4. Cold Storage – Xenon

In game music:

1. Future sound of London - Herd Killing
2. Future sound of London - We have Explosive
3. Future sound of London – Landmass
4. Fluke – V6
5. Fluke – Atombomb (Straight 6 Instrumental Mix)
6. Chemical Brothers – Dust Up Beats
7. Chemical Brothers – Loops of Lury
8. Chemical Brothers – The Third Sequence
9. Underworld - Tin There (Underworld Edit)
10. Prodigy - Firestarter (Instrumental)
11. Cold Storage – Canada
12. Cold Storage – Body in Motion

Wipeout 3 Soundtracks

1. Sasha – Auricom
2. Sasha – Goteki 45
3. Sasha – Felsar
4. Sasha – Icaras
5. Sasha – Pirhana
6. Sasha – Xpander
7. – Control
8. – Surrender
9. Underworld – Kittens
10. Orbital – Know where to Run
11. Paul Van Dyk – Avenue
12. Propellerheads – Lethal Cut
13. Chemical Brothers – Under the Influence

Before long all these songs will be on my HDD. W00T!

That’s all for now. Bye.

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