Friday, February 18, 2005

WiMAX (802.16E) and next generation "wireless" consoles update

A virus found and asked me to close Anti-Vir so it could flood my PC with more viruses without detection. So if you see a screen like this doesn’t ever close it. It’s the virus lying to you! The most you can do is drag it under the start bar. Your antivirus didn’t crash like the dialog box is telling you.

This is the virus lying to you! Don’t do what it says or it’ll download more viruses and make matters worse. And whatever you do...don't close this window

It looks like the Xbox 360 will be backwards compatible with Xbox games. Microsoft is manufacturing a HD-DVD in it (which almost doubles the space of DL-DVD). What is also known about it is Microsoft is making a wireless or Bluetooth game controller that looks similar to “Xbox Controller S”, but losing the black & white buttons, therefore, better designed. The Xbox 360 is coming out at the end of this year, and will have both a 256 MB of RAM & 256-bit video card. The tri-core CPU will be clocking at 3.5 GHz. The console will be IEEE 802.11B wireless. Xbox 360 will not have an internal hard drive, however the other version called Xbox 360 HD will.

The PS3’s main processor will be over 4 GHz and 64-bit meaning it can do more calculations than any high end PC. The brand name of this processor is the IBM Cell. The console will have a PS2 like design, but smaller. It will support a blu-ray drive which will play blu-ray movies, and support games on CD, DVD, DL-DVD and BD. The controllers will look like the dual shock 2. The memory cards will look like PS2 memory cards, but hold more. The internal hard drive is not confirmed yet.

CELL: Yes a super computer on a chip

The Nintendo Revolution (also called the Nintendo 2 in 1) is coming out next year, and is the most shy to the digital press fearing that its ideas will be stolen by Sony and Microsoft. So far the online community knows that Revolution will be backwards compatible with Gamecube, has a Bluetooth “rubbing” grip handle and button able wireless gyroscope controller I call the Nintendo Gyro-Wavebird, and still support mini-discs (which formally has been called GOD or generic optimal disc) researched entirely by Panasonic. The latest news confirms that Revolution will be a wireless console using IEEE 802.11b technology which means it can connect to Dual Screen or another Revolution wirelessly. The wireless range is good enough for a couple rooms away (same range as NDS). The Revolution will have a decent graphics card made by ATI Technologies in Canada, but could be the least powerful console of the three next generation consoles. The CPU is not made by IBM this time around so NEC will take over. Revolution will hook up to any LCD TV or monitor with a double ended Super VGA cable.

There is something coming out called WiMAX which simple name for IEEE 802.16D and 802.16E. It’s basically a wireless Metropolitan Area Network that’ll appear around July in some parts of the world including Wisconsin. Basically the ISP puts up a huge broadcast antenna which can broadcast Internet packet-based Ethernet to a group of 30 or less people depending on each user’s subscribed through-put. It’s the least expensive wireless broadband Internet capable of 2 Megabits for each subscriber. The range is approximately 25 miles away from the source, and all the user has to do is put up an antenna similar to a UHF antenna, but much smaller. The technology is “Doppler resistant” and most likely being available for cities and towns a like. For this technology to have a longer distance there is a need for a repeater broadcast tower to enhance the signal. WiMAX greatest asset is avoiding the phone company’s problem of fixing ground cable if it’s cut. Most people can install the antenna themselves because it mounts on the inside of a garage or by a window for example. The antenna is 802.11B compatible which means there are no cables involved from the antenna to your PC or PowerPC. WiMAX is also known as “radio internet.”

New games: Xenosaga 2, Paper Mario 2, Metroid Zero Mission, Winning Eleven 8, XGRA, Street Fighter

On Tuesday, I bought a new Playstation 2 or “PStwo” instead of a PSP. My reason is I have 67 PS2 games in my collection so instead of not having a console to play it on – now I have two. I have bought a SCH31001 PS2 (NTSC v1.1) meaning it’s from the 2nd set which made it off the assembly line in early 2001. Anyways, I gathered the 150 dollars needed to buy it and $50 more needed to pay for Xenosaga Episode 2 – Beyond Good and Evil. I liked Xenosaga Episode 1, and I’ll play Episode 2 one of these days. It could be in my next entry or might not.

After I got back from Toyriffic and Target, I went to ShopKo in a different town in the same day. I don’t ever do that since it’s too time consuming. I was in Target and was looking around (the crazy part is I owned all the good games on the shelf) so I bought Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. The game comes with all the Street Fighter 2s ever made and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike (previously only for Sega Dreamcast) You know I own the Guilty Gear games so that made me want to buy more 2D fighting games. This game has been out for a while, and got to $29.99; 10 dollars less than last time I saw it over at Gamestop. Some people agree that Street Fighter is the greatest 2D fighter in existence. Me, I don’t know yet. I have to experience the game more. I wasn’t into those games until 2003. The other game I bought at Toyriffic for $20 (with tax) was Metroid – Zero Mission (a 32-bit remake of the 8-bit Metroid.) Two weeks ago, I played Metroid via Metroid Prime so I’ll beat this version. I’ve never made it far in Metroid, and was killed by jumping into the electric platforms 10 minutes in the game.

I felt I needed to buy a Mario game so I have bought Paper Mario 2 – The Thousand Year Door, plus the front of the case said “Best Seller” on it, and thought maybe Paper Mario is worth a try. I know what you’re thinking; Paper Mario is a kid’s game. It’s hard to find a game you really want these days. Well, there is Gran Turismo 4 coming out on the 22nd, and Devil May Cry 3 coming out March 1st. I own the first installment in the series by the way.

Today is Saturday and I was on Carthaton Electronica for a good session of the morning. I played Street Fighter Third Strike on PS2 via Street Fighter Anniversary Collection very early in the morning. It was good fun! Randy would love this game! It’s better than Guilty Gear X2: Reloaded for Xbox. It’s strange because I own the other two Guilty Gears (I haven’t gotten to those two yet). And yes I worked more on the book in Visual Basic. Hyper Street Fighter II is a clean fighter with none of that all show no fight game play direction most 3D fighters play like these days and it started with Soul Caliber on Dreamcast.

I can do all my school work electronically so I have the assignment listed on a webpage on the Internet, and I’m suppose to do 3 or 4 steps in each assignment. WITC even has a forum I’m suppose to anticipate in where I suppose to post one assignment. I’m starting to know read how loops are possible.

About 8:20 AM I hauled in wood from outside near our basement door so that there would be wood stacked inside. I volunteered to make my dad happier, and it only took my dad and me 10 minutes to fill the wood box up. Wood is free where we live so it does best in the fireplace! Randy just woke up when I called him afterwards, and I told him I got Street Fighter Anniversary Collection because he likes Street Fighter games a lot. He wants to buy and play Gran Turismo 4 because he loves cars so I told him to meet me at Wal-Mart at mid-night on the 22nd. It’s going to have rally racing in it and I really like rally (FRA).

Game to add too list:

Metroid – Zero Mission

Extreme G Racing Association

Winning Eleven 8 (Pro Evolution Football 4 in Europe)

Paper Mario 2

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

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