Thursday, February 10, 2005

Adding to existing 'compiled' CD images yourself

About 2 days ago, I finished building a new template for the personal page at Angelfire. This new page featured some better textures than before. I got the months between October 2004 to February 2005 ported to it as well as the previous photo gallery, game collection, design, and biography sections. My personal webpage doesn’t get bigger than before, but more detailed most of the time. Hope everyone likes it.

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To finish the topic about combining ISOs two entries ago, I found out that apparently I can extract the contents of any ISO image to a new folder using the well known compression program, WinRAR, and then repack the ISO with more files in Nero 6. Right now, I’ve collected a lot of mp3s so instead of wasting a whole CD on just Damn Small Linux 0.9.3, I’ll cleverly use the extra 650 MB for extra music and pictures because I’m smart like that. Right now, I only have 280 MB of miscellaneous files to put on it.

As for React OS, I wonder if someone can extract all the contents of the LIVECD on a USB thumb drive from Windows, and the OS will boot up from the thumb drive thinking it’s on CD. The problem is older BIOS have a hard time recognizing operating systems on USB thumb drives.

The past few days I wasn’t gaming, but working on homework from college. I have to write a report suggesting a particular hardware-related device over another, and had some ideas including “Xbox vs. PS2”, “Pentium 4 vs. Athlon 64”, “Apple PowerPC vs. IBM PC”, and “Geforce vs. Radeon”. I haven’t decided which one will make the best report.

I’ll take this one topic at a time. IBM PCs are better than Apple Power PCs because PCs make for better gaming than PowerPC (excluding the fact that next generation consoles will support PowerPC hardware). There are more PC games on store shelves for PC than PowerPC. All my programs I need to use only run on MS Windows, and I would hate using Virtual PC to emulate Windows so I could run Windows applications. If only I could have all my programs stream off DVD under React OS LiveCD. React OS is not at a stable build where it is able to run every Windows application in existence.

The 2nd argument is how Pentium 4s are better than Athlon 64s. Intel processors are always more expensive, but those last longer in your PC than Athlons traditionally. Athlon 64s run hotter, therefore, AMD’s CPUs don’t last as long which might stop working after 3 years or 10 years. Who knows? Historically, I’ve fried my CPUs before they get worn out. I had this happen to me before. Sometimes the PC shuts down immediately when the inside temperature gets above 72 degrees, or at least on mine it does.

The third argument would be Radeon 9200,9500, 9700, 9800 vs. Geforce 4 FX series. Both cards are very reliable, both do the exact same thing. What people should look for is the clock speed, texture bandwidth and amount of video RAM on the cards. Geforces are normally less expensive cards. I own both Radeon and Geforce cards. I get good frame rates from both my Radeon 9800 XT in my Dimension XPS and Geforce FX 5600 in my Athlon XP PC. Nvidia has brought out its Geforce 6600 GPU which is their answer to ATI’s Radeon 9800 series. The only GPU card that failed was my Geforce 256 when my PC got struck by lightning in 2001. I personally favor Radeon GPUs though.

About making friends, none yet came to my door step. I’ll be getting my hair cut today maybe I can scrounge around for conversation. It’s not icy or too cold outside so there’ll be a lot of traffic from place to place. I might be getting another videogame today, but I’m stumped whether I want to save it for Xenosaga 2 or not. I am spending a lot of money on outdated hardware these days, aren’t I?

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