Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New info on Next Generation Consoles!

Hello, it’s me again. I’ve been busy with Visual Basic which is why I can’t blog as much as I use too. I’ve completed a final draft of my video card paper for technical writing, one of the reasons why I haven’t posted in 4 days. Will I ace that one as well? I found out that my friend Randy didn’t alienate me. Yeah, he’s loosing his friends too. I went to his house on Saturday and I tore the seal off with my fingernail (I have short fingernails), and opened my copies of Gradius V and Ace Combat 5. He hates 2D shooters like Gradius V. Randy used to be a big NES gamer when he was younger, and hasn’t bought a console since PS2. He has games like Rage Racer, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Metal Gear 2, TMNT III – Manhattan Project. We’ve played that for 40 minutes, and he likes Winning Eleven Soccer 6 International the best. Randy must like the announcers because their Australian I bet. See, I tried to get him interested in other games, but he refused even the American football game I brought over. I won against him by a goalie shot at the Keeper shootout in the end. We’re not good enough to score a goal during the game. Randy and his girlfriend watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network that night. I went home around midnight. It was fun. Most fun I had all week actually.

I didn’t mind Gradius V, it’s better than what I expected since I’ve played freeware equivalent of those games such as Ikaruga - Radiant Silvergun 2, and it’s a change for the better. Quintessentially, both games are made by Treasure which is known for their 2D shooting games on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Lately, I’ve been playing LaserAge, which is a Space Invaders rip-off that got decent reviews and advanced to the 14th level. I switched to Hacker (Tetris freeware game), and the background music is encoded in MP3, so it’s not those simplistic midis. Sadly, the game only came with 1 techno song during the main game.

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About 68 degrees, a comfortable work space.

I’ve found out that Nintendo Revolution changed its name to Nintendo 21 meaning “two in one” or will play Gamecube discs too. The discs are still going to be 5 inch mini-discs, but are double-sided each side holds 5.9 GB! The Gamecube disc only holds 1.8 GB. It will hook up to the monitor, and be unrevealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Sony confirmed the company will be unrevealing Playstation 3 at the end of next month. Microsoft confirmed Xbox 360 (formally Xenon) will launch between October & November in the United States, Mexico, and Canada (before Japan and Europe).

Surprisingly, I may seem like I’m a hardcore gamer, but that was true a long time ago. See, I hardly played anything other then that time at my friend’s house.

Earlier today I’ve grabbed my old PC and put it in my room left of my Dell. It’s running Redhat 9.1 Workstation. It was where my old TV is 3 months ago. Now, it servers as my parent’s Internet desktop. I might have to bring it take it back, but doesn’t it look cool with 3 computers in my room? I took a couple pictures and combined them seen below.

Tune in next time.

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