Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Why the f*** don't people come to my page?

It’s been difficult to come up with something lately. And why the fuck doesn’t anyone come here anymore. I waste all this time trying to gather information in my brain and no one comes! I promoted a good amount of time on this page. And I can’t be because I’m average because I already know that. I can list many things that make my life boring. First, all my friends are doing different things. Another is there is nothing new to do except a few new videogames which I don’t have enough time to play. It’s a lot of studying for tests and stuff. Show your symphony because I know none of you care. All you bloggers care about is facts….Internet news…and political events….not personal life. This must be the reason I do not have hits here anymore. Okay, the technical tidbits you liked a lot, but my personal life no one cares. I was even thinking about just forgetting Modblog all together. Then I realized Modblog isn't the one to blame, they are just a server. My writing is to blame. Well, fuckin’ Jesus Christ this makes me real mad.

I tried out this new program 1Click DVD to Divx Avi, and it’s the best DVD to MPEG 4 tool I have ever used. There is also 1click DVD Ripper which has more options on it. I don’t like to encode video in MPEG2 since video compresses so much better with DivX 5.2.1. Obviously, if you compress video to go through the Internet you may want the compression at the slowest to allow the best compression for your video. I have my settings at 730x440 at 1034 KBPS and LAME audio compression at 192 KBPS. All films are released on a 9.4 GB DVD and I can put 1 hour 8 parts on a single layer DVD plus my DVD burner will only allow me to burn 4.4 GB of data total. I have a little left over so I could up the video to 1213 KBPS to make full the excess 500 MB I had on my last DVD. Every hour averages 680 MB. That’s pretty good considering the picture quality is good.

The Red Soxs have won against the Yankees and are going to the World Series. It is the only time in professional baseball history that a team have came back in 3 games to be 3 -3. The MN Twins lost against NY Yankees on game 4 about 2 weeks ago in the first playoff series. The Twins lead in the central division and clenched their division title. I may have missed the greatest games ever in whole season play. St Louis Cardinals may beat Houston in the American League thus well have Red Soxs vs. Cardinals. Cardinals will win tomorrow!

I missed Homecoming again. Truth about it is its high school and it’s in the past - two very good reasons not to go. I haven’t been to home coming for 4 years now. I saw it in the newspaper. Too bad though.

Oh and another thing I found this girl who lives by me on the Internet. I was really, really surprised. Here is her personal page. Weblink
to Anne's Track and Field Webpage
. She hasn’t changed too much. What’s so important about her? Well, she thought I had crush on her in high school. It’s not that way anymore. I’m a technician. She’s something else. I haven’t seen her in 5 years. I found out in 1997, she went through the Teen University program at the UofW. It looks like she’s still in track and field. She started the last year I was at St. Croix Central.

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