Sunday, October 03, 2004

Bought a Genesis today at Toyriffic

I bought a Sega Genesis today. Added more old school to my collection. This so happens to be today’s topic. Let’s see, I asked a Toyriffic personnel and Super Nintendo was bigger than Genesis. Genesis also had a bigger life by 1 ½ years as many people know. Sega’s main mascot was Alex the Kidd before Sonic was became their big mascot. Yes, according to him, Super Nintendo was THE top competitor in the 16-bit era. Sega was 2nd best until 1993 when Sega pulled ahead for a bit, probably because they released Sonic 3 and Shinobi 3. For 100 dollars I got a Sega Genesis version 3 in good condition, Contra Hard Corps, Contra III, and Sonic 3. For 10 more dollars, I could have gotten a 2nd X-Box. The thought passed my mind at home and than again when I’d got back home. Toyriffic didn’t have Shinobi I, II, or III. O-well. All I wanted was Contra Hard Corps. I knew what I was getting because luckily I had the ROM. It’s pretty good game I think. For some reason I got farther on CHC on the emulator then playing with a Genesis controller. I hope I got a Genesis for the right reasons and not just to add more games to my collection. Yes, I was playing Contra Hard Corps for 3 hours after I got home. The sad part is there is no one I can share my opinions on any of my games. I feel really bad about it.

Here are the conditions of the Sega Genesis and software:

1. Genesis – condition 8 out of 10 – no problems playing the games although the RF input has to be tight against the console for anything to show for some reason. Some scratches too.
2. Sonic 3 – condition 7/10 – This has been a rental game, but it was free with purchase, game works great though, but looks like it’s been played a lot.
3. Contra Hard Corps – condition 7.5/10 – also a rental game when I bought it. Plays well. It looks like for Hard Corps – the publisher Konami, manufactured the game as well. Cost 16 dollars
4. Contra 3 – condition 9.0 – looks very nice – no visible scratches on the cartridge, but the sticker looks slightly worn around the edges. 25 dollars.

I learned that the prequel to Contra 3 wasn’t Hard Corps, but called C2 – Contra for Super NES. The original was published for NES. The later games for Playstation and PS2 aren’t very good, but the originals are a lot better. I don’t hate my decision though.

Games I want for Genesis are:

1. Gunstar Heroes (side shooter made by Treasure which makes one of the top 5 games out for Saturn, Radiant Silvergun, a very hard game to find)
2. Alien Soldier (side shooter made by Treasure after Gunstar Heroes was released)

I saw Shadow Hearts Covenant at the Toyriffic. I really wanted it, but decided to go forth with my Genesis purchase. For some reason, it wasn’t at Target or could have been sold out. I might buy this next time because I’m into RPGs. I read the reviews and I usually trust IGN or Gamefaqs and learned that this game is a dramatic improvement over Shadow Hearts. The RPG takes place in an alternate 1911 at the beginning of World War I. It’s based on anime (which I don’t think I support – but it’s got an awesome weapon system from what I hear). I don’t know much about it except some people say that it’s one of the best RPGs out for PS2. This is hard to except because I haven’t heard about this game coming out until it was out.

There is another game called Sly 2 I want but it’s not as important as SHC. I’m getting a little old for platform games although this one is truly as good as the best which is Rachet and Clank. I got far in Rachet 1, haven’t played Rachet 2 though which is too bad. The first game was very fun until I got stuck - it probably was very simple too. I deleted the game save so it may be too much trouble to start over.

Will the top game for PS2 always be Final Fantasy X or Madden Football 2005 long after PS2 is dead? Square-soft always comes out with a better Final Fantasy every year with better visuals, better game play, iffy music (review sites say it’s better when in fact SNES had some of the best tunes), but to make up for it - breathtaking FMV and fully voiced in-game cutscenes. I only completed Final Fantasy X one time through and played half time through 2 times. It was really good, and the ending was alright for anime, but I don’t think I will play it again for another year. We might see Final Fantasy XIII on Microsoft Xenon as well as Playstation 3, but it’s only a rumor ever since Square-Enix announced a game in development for Project Xenon. There has been new news according to the Xbox technology team is developing a heavily modified Virtual PC X86 emulator so that it would emulate XBOX games and is great news for future Xbox 2 owners. If Xbox 2 becomes a hit (MS states that their in this for long term), the development team labor and research will more than pay for itself.

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