Monday, September 04, 2000

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 | 8.5

For many of you who enjoy the Megaten series, you may already be well aware of this series. Two years ago, Persona 3 broke onto the PS2, creating an influx of newcomers and old school gamers alike. It provided a unique battle system, an intriguing dark story, a plethora amount of characters, and overall a great experience. Persona 4 is a standalone game, bringing many of the features, settings, and atmosphere from P3.

You are a silent protagonist who transfers into a rural area. Soon enough, you find something mysterious and dangerous. On one rainy night, you look into a television. Voices begin to ring, the storm seems to enrage, and the television flickers on and off. Reaching into the t.v, you are sucked into a whole new dimension.

Interesting, is it not? You'll find many mysteries held within the storyline. Unlike the city life in P3, you're in a very small town named Inaba.

The battle system holds its true colors. Although this time around, there are some tweaks. In P3, you were unable to control your allies, as they were under the influence of the AI. All you could really do was give them certain commands. This time around though, you are able to control their every move. These actions include using items, attacking, and defending. The all-out-attack is still implemented and the battle mechanics overall are ALL the same.

For those who have played P3, Tartartus was a large dungeon with many different themes and atmospheres. Instead of that, the dungeons in this game are spread out. Giving a more variety in gameplay. Each dungeon is uniquely themed based on the storyline. One night, you may be going through a steamy spa, the next you may going through an abandoned mall.

Many of the things you find in P3 and, to an extent P2, are all found in Persona 4. If you love the Persona series or you are a newcomer, pick this up, it's well worth your money.

(Side Note: For those who pre-ordered this game, the art-book is quite large (100 pages) and provides a few major spoilers. It's highly recommended you wait to look at it later. Although, the presentation of the package is wonderful, giving both the artbook and soundtrack is awesome).

+Fast-paced action.
+A great, long story. Develops quite fast.
+Interesting concept. Different from many other RPGs.
+Amazing soundtrack and character voices. It won't disappoint.
+Different endings create a twist.
+Characters have a lot of depth.
+Eerie Atmosphere accompanied with Amazing Artstyle

-Long adventure may tire some people out.
-Town is somewhat small; not many places to explore.


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