Tuesday, September 05, 2000

The Curse of Monkey Island | 9.0

This is a game that any true adventure lover MUST add to their collection. It keeps things alive with witty jokes, puns, and overall silliness but doesn't get too annoying. The puzzles you must solve are at about a medium difficulty throughout the game and don't really get any harder or easier. Once you solve the first few you can expect the rest to be about the same. I never play adventure games more than once because I already know the solutions, but I must admit I've played this a couple of times already and I'll probably play it some more. It's like reading a funny comic strip with brain teasers! This game supplies HOURS of enjoyment. I consider it a must have. The Curse of Monkey Island is, in my opinion, the best of the Monkey island series. This game has very good graphics, puzzles and plot. A must have for adventure games fans.The intuitive point-and-click controls make it a snap to control Guybrush and the hilarious yet challenging puzzles, great voices, and wonderful acting make this a highly engrossing game.

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