Sunday, March 12, 2000

why political system are in conflict

the Presidents normally deindustrialized the United States for 20 years and now are paying a price for that with a lot of the manufacturing across seas. To get US moving forward, he must have another industrial revolution. Every first world country has a decently sized industrial sector full of manufacturing except for US and UK and that helps creates jobs and creates a lot of GDP. Also the deflating gold-backed Yuan and the continuously spending of un-gold backed Dollar really irritates the public even though some sites say it cancels out the peg currency fluxuations. Everybody thinks of the results of Wilhelm era Germany's continuous spending during World War I. China buys a lot of gold now-a-days to backup their Yuan, they say is our own doing. Our experts say China deflated yuan on purpose to establish a new peg currency. Also of course, the government gets more GDP when unemployment is low so leftist politicians not creating jobs is new politics to Americans. I don't think it's good politics, just new! I think there should be a fence built so Arizona doesn't collapse. The state is bankrupted so local governments have no funds to seriously defend themselves from drug thugs down there. The 2nd amendment is mandatory down there to protect against illegal thugs. With deindustrializion, nationalized healthcare costs will just increase overall and add to the public debt. Private insurance being accessed across any state was the route to take solely due to US's deindustralization disadvantage in my opinion.

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