Saturday, March 04, 2000

Jeffersonian democracy

Dear Thomas Jefferson,

I want to thank you on the Jeffersonian democracy, because you really put a strict interpretation of the US Constitution. I support your ideal vision of governing in a lightly and promoting self-reliance and virtue. You said there must be a representative democracy to help the state, yet resist corruption. The federal government can't violate the rights of individuals or rights of the states. I think the freedom of speech and the freedom of press was a good method to keep the government in check. Alien and Sedition Acts was one act where you denounced it as a violation of the First Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights which deals with free speech. You also used the Tenth Amendment to argued that the federal government has overstepped it's bounds by exerting it's undedicated power. This federalist act became a thorn to its own party; whereby, you defeated the federalists and became the 3rd President of the United States. Your pardon to those people who fell victims under the Aliens and Sedition Acts was justly and honorable. (, 2010)(wordpress, 2010)(, 2010)

Your belief that an economic system should give people the right to work. Since your presidency of March 4, 1801, I am impressed with your endeavors to create peace, equality, and individual freedom. You restored the freedom of press, and gave the aliens opportunity to become citizens after five years of nationalization. Your efforts to reduce the debt by abolishing all internal taxation including the liquor tax. Best of all, you promoted fiscal responsibility by reducing governmental powers. I thank you for your service in the House of Burgesses. I thank you for your written paper " A Summary View of the Rights of British America," explaining that Great Britain couldn't legislate America. The King of England taxed the heck out of Americans and severely handicapping citizen rights. Your way ended the Federalist party rule, integrated it into the United States creating federal government, and split the Republicans from the Democrat-Republican. I thank you for heading the purchase of Louisiana. I liked how even when the Federalist John Adams was defeated, you peacefully transferred power of the oval office. You made great strides on how to maintain Congress with insurgencies from the Federalist Party. You did a great job revising the Virginia Constitution. Sadly, you had to give order to American ships which were in the middle of the Napoleon Wars to retreat. Thank you for avoiding the 1798 XYZ affair with France so US didn't bankrupt itself going to war at that time. (monticello, 2010)(, 2010 [answers])

You supported the Lewis and Clark expedition into the west in 1803. I thank you with trying to maintain United States neutrality in the Napoleon Wars in before 1812. I believe the Library of Congress thanks you for the collection of books that you donated in your last 17 years. I thank you for designing the University of Virginia buildings, doing the buildings. I thank you for drafting the Declaration of Independence. (notablebiographies,2010)

You will always be remembered for the Declaration of Independence and A Summary View of the Rights of British America.

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