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Plato and Rene

Plato and Rene
There are a few philosophers that are famous for different reason, such as the way they write, the way they, teach, or what type of education that took place to become what they are today in history. The two philosophers that I decided to write about is Plato, who was very education and decided that writing things down was a better way to teach then to keep in your head and just remember. Rene was also a great philosopher that was famous for his education background that was the founder of geometry. When I first started to do this project that is what interest me the most about the education. I will be talking about each of the family background and what leads the two philosophers to their being famous all these years.
So the first person I will be talking about is Plato because we have learned about him in class and thought he was interesting in how he grew up and his different way of teachings that he did. Plato was taught by Socrates because he thought he was interesting and the way Socrates was teaching. Soon was going to go into politics because of his background and was determined to study about law and politics, but Socrates turned Plato away from that idea around 399 bc. and got Plato’s attention to philosophy. (A+E Television Networks, LLC. 1996-2013) Socrates teachings were taught by Plato because Socrates didn’t believe in writing anything down, but rather speak his teachings from memory. Plato now on the other hand wrote everything down so that people could see and visualize his teachings. Following the death of Socrates Plato decided to travel the Mediterranean region for about 12 years to study mathematics and found that was important to learn and to master. Some of the other studies he was learning included geometry, geology, astronomy. That is one of the reason I have chosen to write about Plato because of how educated he was that inspired me. Philosophy is one of those subjects that I was never really good at, but I do like learn that keeps me going.
Rene interests me because he was the founder of geometry and is still being used today. Many people may not know anything about geometry but I thought any type of math is important as we move into the future. Rene was very educated and had a background that led him into study of law, politics and mathematics. After the opening of the college in 1604, he stayed there until around 6012. (Connor and E F Robertson, 1997) He had a hard time with a lot of subjects, but had found mathematics was the only thing that has satisfied him. He specialized in Algebra and Geometry. One of the things I have notice about Rene is that he looks more into actions then reason and he believes only his way was the right away. Rene has traveled all around Europe to write and to study law, politics, and mathematics that was important to him. His father was also into politics that maybe one of the reasons why Rene took interest in going to school to learn even if he didn’t like all the other subjects that were there that was offered to him.
With these two philosophers was easy to pick out and both had the same similarities that I have found interesting. Rene and Plato and the same type of goal I believe and studied the same thing is why they were made famous. I’m looking forward to learn more about their background in what they believe in, but a lot of documents are lost and is said be taking in from other scholars of their time.
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