Sunday, January 02, 2000


The four inner planets of our solar system exhibit different day and year durations. Based on your reading so far, how might these differences impact the possibility of sustaining life as we know it? As a result of these variations, what differences do you think would emerge in the hypothetical life forms on the four planets?

Mars may of had life about 4.5 billion years ago. The ALH 84001 meteorite suggests that Mars was 'terraformed' on some continent during this era. The ALH 84001 meteorite had polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that used to be microfossils. These indents are 20 to 100 nanometer. The scientists say that the PAHs weren't leaked into them. PAH are the remains of micro-organisms. Astronauts would have to put plants inside greenhouses on Mars to shield them against dust storms. Mercury and Venus wouldn't have life, because both are full of volcanic activity and are way too close to the sun. There is ice near the poles, which all came from meteorites. Maybe the micro-organisms live in the fungus which is frozen with the water. I think that day and year variations have little to do with it life as we know it, rather the distance Earth and Mars are from the Sun, how much ice or water there are, and the denser atmosphere. Mars's air pressure is too low for liquids. Mercury has a strange orbit and it's gets too close to the sun at times and one side of the planet is scorched. Plants won't survive on Mercury, because sunlight is six times brighter than ours. Mars would have to have some micro-organisms. I was thinking as far as life forms, Mercury and Venus would have to have androids working on the planets. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus could have androids working on them too. I think, the more gravity, organic life forms would be shorter and weigh more. In less gravity, organic life forms would be taller and leaner. Another life form could be a virus I refer to as "Andromeda Strain" found on these planets (under a rock) where it is extremely difficult to make an antidote. I don't agree that the Groom Lake area in Nevada is restricted, because of Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune or Venus! Anything at Groom Lake goes beyond!


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