Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Big Bang etc, etc,

How does the theory fit in with your scientific perspectives and personal views of creation?

I believe God made Planck matter (predates Quark matter) that created by the implosion of the first Big Bang and latest big bang. God created the big bounce as well. Scientists make Planck or Quark matter in heavy ion matter machines like the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Large Hadron Collider, and Super Proton Synchrotron. There has been a Big Bounce to jump-start the Big Bang. A Big Bounce took place after the Big Crunch due to heavy gravity of predecessor universe. There is one universe at a time, because there aren’t parallel universes, right?
I follow the de-facto explanation in chronological order, Planck epoch, Grand unification epoch, Electroweak epoch, Inflationary epoch, Reheating, and Baryogenesis stages.

Then after it was filled with quark-gluon plasma after the cosmic inflation ends; it proceeds to the second generation. In chronological order, it goes Supersymmetry breaking, Quark epoch, Hadron epoch, Lepton epoch, Photon epoch and Nucleosynthesis stages happen at the same time, but nucleosynthesis was 20 minutes.

Thirdly, 70,000 years after the big bang, atomic nuclei and photons are the same percentage.

Fourthly, after 377,000 years, atoms with hydrogen and helium form.
Fifth, after this between 150 million to 1 billion years, Quasars are formed due to reionization.

Sixthly, after reionization, metal-free stars develop.

Seventh, after stars develop, then galaxies form. Afterwards, galaxies develop, and at the same time, stars with poor metal are formed early in this stage. At later stages, metal rich stars are formed.

Eighth, then after the universe accelerating over 20 billion years from the present, the dark energy will become Quintessence energy may rip apart the Universe.

Ninth, at 100+ billion years, the big crunch occurs.

What is your thought on how "dark matter" and "dark energy" within an expanding universe might indicate ongoing "results" of the "Big Bang"?

Dark Energy, founded in 1999, explains why the Universe is speeding up. The universe has ‘energy’ to speed up. Get it? Twenty percent of the matter is dark matter. Dark matter is pressureless. Dark matter is around either galaxies and galaxy clusters. Dark matter would interact with both nuclear forces and gravity. Stars are nuclear forces when hydrogen and helium is being fused. The matter that evolved into atoms is 5% of the Universe. Scientists know that dark matter isn’t an atom. The heavy ion machines that make types of matter have yet to prove dark matter are in atoms. Dark energy is negative vacuum energy. Dark energy interacts through gravity. Dark energy is radiation.

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