Tuesday, January 04, 2000

Jupiter is huge

Jupiter is huge. To find out how huge, use the Internet to conduct research on both Earth and Jupiter. See how their diameters and surface areas compare. Now imagine that Earth is as big as Jupiter. In what ways do you think our civilization would develop differently? Would it bring more chaos into our troubled history or make us more civilized?
Jupiter [1]
Earth [2]
Mass (10 24 kg) 1,898.6 5.9736 317.83
Volume (1010 km3) 143,128 108.321 1321.33
Radius at Equator 71,492 6,378.1 11.209
Radius at Polar 66,854 6,356.8 10.517
Gravity 24.79 9.80 2.530
Surface Pressure >>1000 bars 1014 mb
Surface Density 0.16 kg/m3 1.217 kg/m3
Total mass of Atmosphere NA 5.1 x 1018 kg

Atmospheric composition (volume) Molecular hydrogen (H2) - 89.8%; Helium (He) - 10.2% 78.08% Nitrogen (N2), 20.95% Oxygen (O2)

Average Temperature 165 K (-108 C) 288 K (15 C)

Wind Speeds <30 LAT Up to 150 m/s
>30 LAT Up to 40 m/s 0 to 100 m/s

The question that I may ask myself if Earth is as large as Jupiter, my conclusion would be gravity force would increase. If the orbit and tilt doesn’t change, it wouldn’t change our 24 hour day, but it would give Earth more time zones. As far as increased gravity force, would our body build be different to compensate for the increased gravity force? Yes, people would weigh more and possibly be shorter. Another question that I may have how does the massive size of Earth affect the moon. I think it is possible that the moon would be closer to Earth due to gravitational pull. The tides would possible be out of sync; therefore, our weather may change, because of the weaker gravitational pull from the moon. If everything stayed the mostly the same, except our body build, time zones, and weather changes, I believe we have more exploration, more resources to sustain ourselves such as oil, fossil fuel, uranium etc. We could have more solar power and wind power, because of the surface area. We would be less dependent on other countries to supply our resources such as oil. We would develop high tech technology quicker such as military tactical high energy lasers, because the resources to create those are available in abundance. There may be a more precious metal than gold, because Jupiter is composed up from Star elements. There may be stronger metals than Osmium. We could even have more continents equal less chaos. It would be possible that countries that cause chaos; distance can separate us with them by a larger margin. All and all, things would pretty much stay the same unless the effects of the increased Earth’s gravity pull causes problems with other orbiting objects in space being attracted to Earth causing collisions which may upset our whole ecosystem on Earth. Also as stated in our lecture notes, if the internal temperature rises, because of increased gravitational force which the Earth may have with its massive size than all bets are off for life as we know it. There wouldn’t be any civilization unless adaptation took place to shelter us from the extreme climate.

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