Monday, March 04, 2013

Stupid Recognition Critical Theories on Facebook

My facebook friends follow my Linkedin Pinterest and that's stupid. They can't take down my other social networks, but they would if they could. Facebook Friends like Robert Haggerty and Liz Birch want this blog, my Fb22strikeraptor Instagram and Pinterest to disappear. Why? They're betting against me or they're using Axel Honneth Critical Theory on Facebook of all things. I always thought the 2003 class reads Struggle for Recognition, The I of We, and Freedom's Right The Social Foundations of Democratic Life and screwing me over online. Rasmussen College was using recognition critical theory on campus, it appears & announced when getting my Dean's List / Honor Role. Liz Birch belongs to the Catholic church which is close to mainline Lutheran. Robert is using Axel Honneth critical theory to destroy Jueto-Christian values as an athiest. Nobody talks on Facebook because they read Axel honneth or watch Axel Honneth on Youtube. Axel Honneth is in the ELCA. Axel Honneth is in the Catholic church. They also developed Julian Habermas safe spaces on Facebook in the 2000s and I don't belong to any safe space. That's what's really going on. They want to destroy mono culture. Most listen to the Frankfurt School, not the Republican Party. They would kill themselves before voting Republican.

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