Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why Are Video Games so Popular Today?

Video gaming is one of America's favorite pastimes. There are more video game stores in New York City than there are books stores. And there are enough games out there to satisfy the taste of any gamer alive. Why is it so popular today? Why do people of all ages find themselves so fascinated with the games? Video gaming has come a long way since Mario Brothers. Games of all genres and types are available for any age group. There is interactive, fun to play and informative games available for the youngest audiences, designed to be both educational and fun. Favorite cartoon characters, such as Nemo, Chicken Little, Sponge Bob and Mickey Mouse, come alive in the video games to keep children company. Action heroes like Superman and Spiderman make appearances again with new missions to accomplish and more tricks up their sleeves. Racing games, action games, shooter games and arcade games keep coming out for audiences to enjoy. The reason for this fascination is simple. Everyone wants to be part of the story, or do something that they would not ordinarily be able to do. Not many people can make it in a car racing world and even less can afford to try. But it takes a game console, a TV and a racing game to feel like you are sitting behind the wheel of a gadget packed racing car. There are no limits to what you can do behind that wheel; there are no real bills to pay and no injuries that can maim you. All there is is the excitement of the race, the rush of victory and loads of fun. Many men, no age limits, get fascinated with the first person shooters because it makes them feel all powerful and able to do anything. Hardly anyone will want to run around with a real gun, hunting for enemies and risking to be shot from the back. But games like Halo provide a safe way to explore your talents as a soldier and give a new insight on the art of warfare. How many of us would not like to be the hero and save the world? RPG's provide just the opportunity. Turn the Playstation on and put in the disk and you will be carried off into a distant land where humankind's last hope for survival rests with you. Life can be ordinary and not very interesting and can lack the excitement that will make your heart race. Daily tasks are dull and the roles all of us act out at work and at home do not allow us to get out of the boundaries of every day routine. Problems can overwhelm and get the best of anyone. Sometimes the need to dive into a world where every day problems do not exist is alluring and exciting. The ability to become someone else, someone you will never be, to live out a life full of danger and mystery, is offered by video games to all people. But even if it's just for one hour or a few minutes it makes feel alive and able to do absolutely anything.

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