Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Hardest Sonic the Hedgehog levels I've played

1. Cannon's Core - Sonic Adventure 2
I got SA2B when I was very small, I swore I could beat it before I became ten. I think I did it... But only a month before. That is all due to this 'mega level'. Still though, it was a good way to wrap up a good story and the ending was just awesome... Also did I mention the music? No? Oh, I'll sum it up quickly then... IT'S OVER 9000!

2 Eggmanland - Sonic Unleashed
Only number 10... I've beaten all of the sonic games in a week but eggmanland took me a year. This should be number 1
Ha! Rank A! But too hard. Try to jump down onto the platform instead of swinging on the pipes across the lava.

3 Scrap Brain Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog
It's true! Everything wants to kill you in this game! Even the first level is hard! First, you get your hopes up and then you DIE! I also finished the game without the Chaos Emeralds, and what did I get? A kick in my ass.

4 The End of the World - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
Why is this not number one it only took me a couple days to beat Cannons core but I never got to beat this stage also bad controls, hard to beat enemies, and lots and lots of glitches.

5 Casino Park - Sonic Heroes
Casino Night Zone from the Mega Drive version of Sonic 2 is much better than Casino Park. Still, I like this hard stage.
This level is like TORTURE! It takes you forever to reach the goal ring.

6 Death Egg/Doomsday Zone - Sonic and Knuckles

7 Metallic Madness - Sonic CD
I had to look up how to beat this level's second act because it was so big and confusing.

8 Labyrinth Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog
I was stuck on this level longer than any other in any game as far as I can remember.
How can this level not be at least in the top five? Its so hard and frustrating!

9 Metropolis Zone - Sonic 2
I DIED 68 TIMES ON THIS LEVEL! Wing Fortress was harder, though.

10 Lost Impact - Shadow the Hedgehog
Thought The Doom was hard? This level is 10 TIMES WORSE! The level is way more confusing and ridiculously big, and you have to kill ALL of the enemies to beat the Hero mission. I HATE THIS LEVEL.

11 Launch Base Zone - Sonic 3

12 The Cauldron - Sonic and the Black Knight
I died a lot on this level because of the lava rings when trying to jump
The stupid lava rings...

13 Dragons Lair - Sonic and the Black Knight
Like shrouded forest but more challenging missions

14 Final Chase - Sonic Adventure 2
I had trouble getting to the final boss of the dark story

15 Shrouded Forest - Sonic and the Black Knight
First mission in this level is not that hard but there are other ones I haven't done yet

16 Marble Zone - Sonic 3

17 Night Palace - Sonic and the Secret Rings
I find this level tricky but not that tricky since I did beat on my first try

18 Eternal Engine - Sonic Adventure 2
It is known for how long and boring it is

19 Carnival Night Act 2 - Sonic 3
I can't even do it!

20 Terminal Velocity - Sonic Colors
Looks pretty easy right until the enemies arrive

21Lost World - Sonic Adventure

22Crazy Gadget - Sonic Adventure 2

23Scrambled Egg Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

24Final Fortress
For Team Sonic and Team Dark, the camera view is so bad that it is hard to see where you are going. When you start playing the stage, you launch through the ring and there is a rail somewhere. When you miss the rail, you're toast and it seriously takes you a ton of tries to reach the rail. There are also lasers on the rail you have to avoid as you go deeper into the stage.

25 The Doom - Shadow the Hedgehog
This level is too maze like and WAY too big and boring elevators that you have to wait for. the hero mission is when you have to chuck healing capsules on dead reasearchers but the camera has a seizure and you will probably miss a lot. The dark mission sucks more since you have to kill SIXTY gun troops! In the giant maze like area! Oh and one of the gun mechs is glitches and you have to use a checkpoint warp to actually FIND THAT GUN MECH. even the normal mission is Tedious.
This level is a never ending maze. You are never sure where to go. I was stuck on that fit a few days
A year ago I played this stage and it took me 23 MINUTES to complete it (I did dark mission)

26 Route 280 Mission 4 - Sonic Adventure 2
Beating act 1 of this kart racing level is fine, but when you go to act 4 and you have to clear without hitting any walls, be prepared

27 Lava Mountain Zone 2 - Sonic Lost World

28 Blue Marine Zone - Sonic Blast
This is the most confusing zone in the Sonic series.

29 Dusty Desert - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

30 Camelot Castle - Sonic and the Black Knight

31 Security Hall - Sonic Adventure 2

32 Grand Metropolics / Power Plant - Sonic Heroes

33 Flame Core - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
This level is so annoying, falling off walls and landing in lava, and a hard boss to go with it!

34 Bullet Station - Sonic Heroes
I got 3 Game Overs playing the first time with team sonic!

35 Windy Hill - Sonic Lost World

36 Wacky Workbench (Sonic CD)

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