Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bought Everdrive 64 and Superdrive emulation carts last week.

I bought the 2.5 version (firmware) of Everdrive 64. Now I can play all the Super Mario 64 mods like Starry Road on old N64s.  My N64 collection isn't large enough for Instagram.  I like to collect the entire N64 category, but am spending that money on 3DS, PS4 and Vita games.   I also got a Pro8 Superdrive for SNES.  This will emulate roms from Sdcard and save games with a Nihm battery. The SNES games are always expensive.  Earthbound Reloaded was $50.  I have 30 SNES games and 20 Sega Genesis games.
Then I have two Gamepark Cannoos and 2 JXD PSP clones.

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