Thursday, December 25, 2014


The only console I don't have in my collection is Xbox One so I bought that today with $300 birthday cash and then $120 from the savings today.  Halo 5 will be pretty awesome. 

My PS4 has 6 games already. I guess all I am missing is people. I obviously have updated to the  peripherals.  I believe the Kinnect is dead.  Now I own all of them.    Last generation, I bought Xbox 360 first in 2005 and then Wii last in 2007.  I bought this generation in complete reverse. (Wii U first 2012, PS4 2nd and XBox1 3rd.  I also got a 2nd Dual Shock 4, a BDRE drive, and Last of Us Remastered.

It's election year! PS4 holds the edge of sales worldwide. Xbox One has a slight edge of 22 states in the United States.

I got a Hyosung ATV for a graduation gift, because of the evidence Facebook users around here already had more than one already.

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