Friday, January 17, 2014


I'm certain Obama administration is causing this unpopular PS4 and Wii U generation. If Mitt Romney was elected, PS4 and Wii U would be popular.

I saw this coming in 2002 when I collected SNES roms for SNES9x and Sega Genesis roms for Gens, but console sales are back-firing on all the second hand games from all the previous games sold. People owning quite a few games  on Xbox 360 and PS3.   I own 600 videogame rom images I also own 99% of my purchases since MS-DOS.  When I needed new acquaintances, I gave them a IGN collection xls file on CDRs. Dark ages isn't true, because the dark ages were Atari 2600 era. United States has 600 million videogames being bought, sold, or in collections.

Kids and adults a like are sharing old videogames with other people they know. Gamers are finally re-playing old games they've shelved.

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