Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shining Force III, Shining the Holy Ark, and Twinkle Tale

Shining Force III - I had Panzer Dragoon Saga for 18 months now and I love it dearly. Panzer Dragoon saga is the greatest game nobody has played. Shining Force III takes 10 years after Shining the Darkness and is supposed to end the old school series. Sega published sequels like Shining Tears for PS2 that "Genesis era gameplay" in late in the PS2 era. The Sega Saturn controller didn't have a joystick so it was heavily Genesis 6 button controller based. Sega Saturn had a Nights 3D controller, but a handfull of games supported the "Nights 3D controller". I own three Saturn 3D controllers. Shining Force III would play a lot like Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2 for GBA.

Shining The Holy Ark - I just bought this a day ago. Direct prequel to Shining Force III. For Sega Saturn, Shining Wisdom was the direct storyline sequel to Genesis Shining Force II. Shiing The Holy Ark was direct sequel to Shining Wisdom. It's 3D and plays a lot like Shining of the Darkness for Sega Genesis. My theory even more bizzare. My theory is Camelot Game Planning noticed Elder Scrolls II - Daggerfall in development for PC and was eager to develop a Sega Saturn equivelant. Elder Scrolls must've been as hyped as it is now.

Twinkle Tale - Now you should know how Gleylancer was medicore and Americans didn't import it? Like Elminate Down, a SHMUP with a highest possible score of 10/10, Twinkle Tale is another SHMUP that could get 9.0+ review score. Twinkle Tale is a lot like Contra Shattered Soldier for PS2 (the hardest USA PS2 title). It had to be a reproduction cart to fit inside my Sega Genesis. I played the cart, it is as hard as Eliminate Down. Twinkle Tale can be summed up as Contra Shattered Soldier without the blood and gore.

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