Friday, December 14, 2012

Installed Linux Mint 14.1

This is Linux Mint 14.1 Mate with Mate 1.4.  Mate 1.4 fixes ancient Gnome 2.32.2 glitches.  I got 1.0. of Mint Display Manager and openDNS.  Linux Mint 14 Mate is as always more stable than Cinnamon.  Bluetooth is functional. MintStick replaces USB-ImageWriter, for a better UI and better progress reporting. Gedit 2.30 replaced Gedit 3. It's a more mature/stable alternative, which provides more features and a much better search functionality than the latter version. MATE now includes its own character map, fast alt-tabbing with Marco compositing, a selection of notification styles (although this was included in Linux Mint 13, it wasn't part of MATE 1.2), and Caja improvements such as a toggle button to show and edit the path and a new button to compare files in the file conflict dialog. Ext4 can now add CRC32 checksums to many parts of its metadata and use them to reveal corruptions. The Brcmfmac Broadcom WLAN driver now works with the Bcm43235/6/8 USB chips, while the rt2x00 Ralink driver, starting with 3.4, supports the RT5372 WLAN chipset.

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