Monday, August 22, 2011

Dragon Ball Z

Due to popular demand on IMDB, I found this on Ebay and bought it. I watch it when it was airing. I watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers between 1993 - 1997 and had an option of buying MMPR, yet I didn't. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers didn't have a very good score at IMDB (5.3).

Dragon Ball Z was, to many, one of the most influential cartoon series ever in the world. When I was younger I grew up watching the whole series from start to finish, read the comic books, and played the video games. The Dragon Ball Z series contain some of the most charismatic characters, great fighting sequences, and strong plots that covered thousands of years. Originally created in the 1980's, it's truly a blessing that western audiences finally gets to see it in english. However I wish the series would start from the very beginning, the story when Son Gokou was a courageous little boy who uses his innate fighting talents to help out others.

It's only a shame though that the western TV version are heavily censored, causing disorientation and lack of flow to some of the original fight scenes. The Japanese version showed no-holds barred violence and the use of strong words (aka swearing), creating emotional tension that is not present in the english-language version.

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