Sunday, August 21, 2011

Top 10 Gadgets

Here is the list of top 10 gadgets to buy in 2011, which has not only earned immediate recognition among the users but also proffer many benefits as when these best devices are put to use.
Asus NX90

The crew at Asus has now teamed up with audiophiles at the Bang & Olufsen, and the lovechild that has blossomed out of their relationship happens to be a fabulous one to be admired as well as is one of the top 10 amazing devices you should buy in 2011. This is an 18-inch notebook that comes along with side speakers and form factor that is extra-long, as it also unveils a clean metallic design. This device is just fun to use and is more practical as when it comes to its usage.
Toshiba Cell TVs

The CES 2010 unveiled one of the beguiling TVs in the form of Toshiba Cell TVs, as it finds a place in the top 10 amazing devices you should buy in 2011. The processor in the Toshiba Cell TVs is the type that gets used in that of the PlayStation 3 as it also offers native 3D capability. Name the feature you have dreamed about and you can come across those features in Toshiba Cell TVs. Though the prices tend be on the higher side the magic of this wonderful device is worth the buy.
Samsung LED 9000 Series

When ‘Touch of Color’ design was becoming stale by the day, this beauty in the form of Samsung LED 9000 Series was conceived by the company, as it is one of the top 10 amazing gadgets you should buy in 2011. Also, this happens to be the slickest of the HDTV that you must have come across. The device is so thin as the bezel gets clad in that of the brushed metal, and the spider legs that are criss-crossed comes as a surprise to many. It is a fantastic high-end set that has made a mark in 2011.
Plastic Logic Que E-Reader

In case you wish to enjoy lifetime data connectivity as from that of AT & T, Plastic Logic Que E-Reader happens to be the ideal one to buy in 2011, as it also becomes a strong contender to find a place in top 10 amazing devices you should buy in 2011. The flat body is extremely thin, bezel free of buttons, the screen with that of touch capability, as these happen to be the features that add value to this device. Plastic Logic in forging partnerships with that of many magazines and newspapers for having their content to be formatted specifically, so as to suit this device for preserving the print like formatting, speaks volumes about the potentials of this device.
Panasonic 3D Camcorder

Panasonic’s 3D plasma is also another of the incredible 3D TVs, but the 3D camcorder falls into the category of top 10 amazing gadgets you should buy in 2011. While 3D cameras embracing production-quality have been satiating the needs of professionals, Panasonic happens to be a frontrunner in bringing 3D video to that of the consumer level, which is planned for a launch in the fall pertaining to the year 2010.
Spring Design Alex E-Reader

The e-link screen found on that of Alex doesn’t remind us of any innovation, but, it is well compensated by the full-color touch screen that runs Android and it definitely reeks of innovation, which in turn blurs the line that separates minicomputer and that of the e-reader. This is one of the devices that falls in the category of top 10 amazing devices you should buy in 2011. All benefits pertaining to e-link gets offered through Alex, as benefits pertaining to a smartphone get proffered to add value to Alex.
Motorola BackFlip

This is the second of the Android-powered device that walks without any doubt into the list of top 10 amazing devices you should buy in 2011, and it is worth mentioning the innovative design pertaining to Motorola BackFlip. You can spot the keyboard on the rear side, as it flips over backwards as when typing gets necessitated while facing the screen. Motorola has given the build quality to this flimsy design to enable rock solid feel, and the table-top mode is a good use, which helps in turning the phone into that of a makeshift alarm clock as when the screen gets positioned as that of 90 degrees related to the base.
D-Link Boxee Box

As one of the top 10 amazing devices you should buy in 2011, it is robust HTPC software and has grown up finally from alpha. The cube design pertaining to the Box is good as is also the super-simple directional pad that is remote, which also increases the innovative value of this super device as you can also come by media controls on that of top portion and the bottom part unveils the QWERTY keyboard. A fine device in the offing is the D-Link Boxee Box.
Lenovo X100e

Lenovo x100e differs from the early releases of the company in being recognized as that of a ThinkPad, as it is also one of the top 10 amazing devices you should buy in 2011. With the high-res screen as well as a full-sized keyboard, Lenovo X100e reminds more of a ThinkPad, as you might even forget that it is a notebook after all, and buying the wonderful device is a worthy deal though the price seems to wear glorious tag around it.
Kodak PlaySport

The PlaySport has made use of its inherent guts as well as optics, and it also wraps the device up with that of drop-resistant, more durable, waterproof case, which helps as while it gets dragged to different places. This is one of the top 10 amazing devices you should buy in 2011, which has undergone a change in its interface, as the durability has improved by leaps and bounds with the price getting slashed to a purse-friendly range.

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