Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NASA's antimatter spaceship to Mars

With all the cuts to NASA, I think there is going to be an international effort to put man on Mars. I believe it should be instead an American undertaking, because then the US flag is on there and US gets more UFO crashes.

Antimatter is 300 more efficient than nuclear power. It is difficult to find anti-matter on Earth so no anti-matter power plants are built. About 20 grams of anti-matter will take a spaceship to Mars and 20 grams to take them back.

According to historical records in the 1960s, NASA is already 30 years behind schedule for a manned mars mission. I admit that 1980s computers weren't exactly up to the task for mars landing. You look at Alien (1979) computers and you wonder what President John F. Kennedy was drinking.

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