Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I think that MAME killed arcades in the United States, and that I am the only person who reveals it. There are $1000 MAME cabinets on Ebay and MAME works on GP2x Cannoo. It is obvious. MAME has been downloadable since 1997 approximately when arcades started to decrease in popularity. The Frankfurt School controls the Arcades died because... articles so they can't mention MAME even if they wanted to. I released my MAME Rom list back in 2006 on this site.

DonPachi 1995 Atlus
DoDonPachi 1997 Atlus
Peak Performance 1997 Atlus
Steep Slope Sliders 1997 Capcom
ESP Ra.De. 1998 Atlus
Dangun Feveron / Fever S.O.S. 1998 Nihon System
Uo Poko 1998 Jaleco
Guwange 1999 Atlus
Progear 2001 Capcom

I also got some others

Tetris the Grandmasters
Tetris The Cube Master
Cotton 2
Cotton Boomerang
G Darius
Radiant Silvergun

ST-V Bios
Neo-GEo Bios
Naomi bios

I found Espgaluda and Mushihime-sama on the MAME UI list. I couldn't find them on the Rom site. I only have these Espgaluda and Mushihime-sama DVD images for PCSX2. Aksys Games publishes Cave Shumps in the United States.


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