Monday, January 02, 2012

Russian Pak Da


The PAK DA is going to be heavily based on Russia’s current supersonic bomber Tupolev Tu-160 and is expected to have it’s maiden flight by 2015. However it was also speculated that the PAK DA would be similar to the stealthy design of the America B-2 Spirit bomber.The PAK DA concept relies on the ability to fly at stratospheric altitudes (50,000 meters) with stealth features to avoid enemy air defenses.


The United States next generation bomber is going to be based on B2 Spirit, F-22 and F35 and is affordable. Although, I wish Northrop Gruman drop the F35 technology, because the F-35 Lightning II doesn't have any anti-gravity technology. B2 and F-22 have the anti-gravity technology.


Total program cost estimated at $40 to $50 billion
Fleet size of 175 aircraft, 120 for 10 combat squadrons plus 55 for training and reserves
Subsonic maximum speed
Range: 5,000+ nautical miles (9,260+ km)
"optionally manned" (for non-nuclear missions)
Total mission durations of 50 to 100 hours (when unmanned)
A weapons load of 14,000–28,000 lb (6,350–12,700 kg)
Ability to "survive daylight raids in heavily defended enemy territory"
Ability to carry nuclear weapon
Designed to use off-the-shelf propulsion, C4ISR, and radar technologies
Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance along with command and control gear to enable the crew to direct other aircraft and forces.

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